• 2017 Imperial Springs International Forum

    Co-hosted by Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and Australia China Friendship and Exchange Association, the forum will be held at Guangzhou Imperial Springs International Convention Center on Novem-ber 28th and 29th.

  • 2016 Imperial Springs International Forum

    With the participation of Club de Madrid, the 2016 Imperial Springs International Forum has also invited senior government officials in China, more than 20 former heads of state and government in Europe, Oceania, Asia and America, as well as experts,

  • 2015 Imperial Springs International Forum

    Imperial Springs International Forum (ISIF) 2015 will bring together Chinese and international leaders in the political, business, and academic community to exchange views, and advance constructive and informed solutions, to address today’s global ch

  • Imperial Springs Summit - 2014 China-Australia Economic Forum

    In this forum, around 200 guests, including scholars, political and business leaders and renowned entrepreneurs, discussed hotspot issues, difficulties and problems in the economic and trade exchanges between China and Australia.

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